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The Redox Biology Core is a UC Davis laboratory offering redox and bioenergetics diagnostic services to the UC Davis Campus and other researchers. Our redox services can detect and quantify reactive oxygen species (ROS) in your samples using electron paramagnetic spectroscopy (EPR). Free radicals are often short-lived but have known to play crucial roles in many processes such as photosynthesis, oxidation, and catalysis. Current fluorescent techniques only allow for indirect detection of ROS. EPR has the unique power to specifically identify the species being detected by exhibiting dramatic line shape changes. This feature allows for better research to elucidate the role of free radicals in many pathologies and toxicities. Our bioenergetics service include the detection of lactate/pyruvate and thiamine status which are markers for mitochondrial dysfunction found in many neurological diseases. The goal of our lab is to provide access to these new detection methods as an extension to your research that is not readily available elsewhere. We also offer consultation and training to help you get the most out of your data.